AIMS Institute for Private Training has been established to support development programs in national institutions of Kuwait. Among its objectives, the institute aims to:

  1. Support the Kuwaiti economic and development plans by training its people to become primary and active roles in these plans.
  2. Support national employment in the face of technological, administrative, economic and social challenges.
  3. Provide in-house training for Oil & Gas Companies in Kuwait.


  • Oracle Application Training
  • Oracle Database Training
  • Oracle Enterprise Management Training
  • Oracle Industries Training
  • Oracle Operating Systems Training
  • Oracle Cloud Training
  • Oracle Systems Training
  • Oracle Virtualization Training



  • Wand is a unique content creation & sharing platform, that enables teachers to create better lessons, in a matter of minutes, deliver them on any device or platform and get actionable data on student progress using student reports
  • Extremely useful for teachers to prepare authentic, home- grown educational content, customized for the students in front of them;
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Brochure and the tutorial