KIOSK Machines and Solutions

AIMS is an Exclusive Agent of Emperor Technology (EMPTECH)

Shenzhen Emperor Technology Co. Ltd was established in 1995 and it is a leading Identity Information Service Provider, dedicated to Secure Identity Information Connection technologies and services. Over the past 25 years, EMPTECH has drawn on their experience to produce and implement a comprehensive range of End-to-End solutions, including e-Passport solutions, Smart Transportation, Information Carrier Data Security, Physical and Digital Identity Verification etc.

AIMS is an Exclusive Agent of Cetwin (CSS)

CSS stands for CETWIN SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, AB, a company based in Sweden. Cetwin offers self-service solutions for ID cards, certificates, bank cards, secure access and biometric enrollment systems. Furthermore, all the solutions are tailored to each client’s request.

Self-servise KIOSK solutions:

  • ID Card Dispensing/Delivery Kiosk Machine
  • Instant ID Card Issuing Kiosk Machine
  • e-Passport Dispensing/Delivery Kiosk Machine
  • Certificate Issuing Kiosk Machine
  • Envelope Dispensing/Accepting Kiosk Machine
  • Banking Account Opening Kiosk Machine
  • Banking Card Printing Kiosk Machine
  • Enrollment Kiosk Machine
  • Facial Recognition Access Gate and related products