Kiosk Machines and Solutions


CSS stands for CETWIN SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, AB based in Sweden. CSS offers self-service kiosk solutions including Certificate Kiosk Machines, ID Express Kiosk Machines, Gate Pass Kiosk Machines, Envelope Dispenser and Acceptor Kiosk Machines and Enrollment Kiosk Machines (including biometric data enrollment).

Essentially, all kiosk solutions are tailored to each client and their respective requirements.

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Kiosk Solutions offered by AIMS:

  • Certificate Kiosk Machines
  • ID Express Kiosk Machines
  • ID Delivery Kiosk Machines
  • Envelope Dispenser/Acceptor Kiosk Machines
  • Gate Pass Kiosk Machines
  • Persons Entry Gates (Turnstiles)
  • Interactive Info and Navigation Kiosk Machines
  • Enrollment Kiosk Machines (biometric data)


Features of our Kiosk Solutions:

  • The kiosks entail of high-quality devices (e.g. a USB hub, a network switch, a touch screen, a power supply and a card reader).
  • The kiosks are manufactured in Europe.
  • The kiosks follow the in-place standards in Kuwait, such as power (voltage, frequency) etc.
  • The kiosks include a smart card reader capable of reading the Kuwaiti civil ID card (a smart card with a chip) and the customer’s card (if applicable) with a USB interface.
  • The kiosks allow for customization in terms of hardware (e.g. cabinet color) and software in order to meet the customer’s requirements.