The Projects Division was founded in 1995 with the aim of penetrating the local IT market by building complete automated systems while ensuring execution of all project phases with regards to the following services/solutions:

  • IT consultation
  • Oracle solutions
  • cloud solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • KIOSK machines & solutions
  • project management
  • quality assurance
  • software development
  • system integration
  • support & maintenance
  • correspondence management system
  • archiving & document management
  • content management implementation
  • business intelligence
  • hospital management & information system
  • web-based & portal solutions
  • document imaging & SharePoint solutions
  • backlog services

1. KIOSK Machines and Solutions

AIMS is an Exclusive Agent of Emperor Technology (EMPTECH)

Shenzhen Emperor Technology Co. Ltd was established in 1995 and it is a leading Identity Information Service Provider, dedicated to Secure Identity Information Connection technologies and services. Over the past 25 years, EMPTECH has drawn on their experience to produce and implement a comprehensive range of End-to-End solutions, including e-Passport solutions, Smart Transportation, Information Carrier Data Security, Physical and Digital Identity Verification etc.

AIMS is an Exclusive Agent of Cetwin (CSS)

CSS stands for CETWIN SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, AB, a company based in Sweden. Cetwin offers self-service solutions for ID cards, certificates, bank cards, secure access and biometric enrollment systems. Furthermore, all the solutions are tailored to each and every client’s own request.

Self-servise KIOSK solutions:

  • ID Card Dispensing/Delivery Kiosk Machine
  • Instant ID Card Issuing Kiosk Machine
  • e-Passport Dispensing/Delivery Kiosk Machine
  • Certificate Issuing Kiosk Machine
  • Envelope Dispensing/Accepting Kiosk Machine
  • Banking Account Opening Kiosk Machine
  • Banking Card Printing Kiosk Machine
  • Enrollment Kiosk Machine
  • Facial Recognition Access Gate and related products


2. Oracle Solutions

AIMS is an Oracle Platinum Partner. Through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), AIMS has been providing its clients innovative Oracle-based solutions and services.

3. Web Portal Solutions

AIMS is a partner of Integrated Digital System (IDS). IDS have been developing a wide range of products since 1991. As one of the leading software companies in Lebanon and the Gulf, the main objective of IDS is to provide turnkey software development solutions. Besides system analysis, design and development, IDS has a specialized team for implementation, evaluation, technical support and training. Among others, IDS also has a specialized web designing software.


4. ERP, Document Imaging and SharePoint solutions

iPath:Imaging for SharePoint – Enterprise Document Imaging

iPath:Imaging, extends and enhances the out-of-the-box MOSS2007 and SharePoint 2010 capabilities by providing comprehensive image management and storage services, on demand document scanning, advanced document viewing with comprehensive annotation capabilities and document conversion capabilities, including TIFF to searchable PDF, from within intranet and internet environments.

iPath:Search for SharePoint – Improve Productivity and User Experience – Simplify your Enterprise Search Operation

iPath:Search enhances the search operations available in MOSS 2007 and SharePoint2010. It extends the out-of-the-box search capabilities of SharePoint by enabling users to construct precise search queries on any desired set of available metadata associated with any document or folder content type, and allows users to construct combinations of full text and metadata search queries. It is a simple, intuitive, easy to use and powerful search module allowing users to rapidly find the information they are looking for.

iPath:Capture for SharePoint – The High Volume and Batch Scanning Solution

iPath:Capture is an industrial strength batch and high volume scanning solution capable of capturing large volume of images per day. iPath:Capture is a powerful, user-friendly production application with a multi-stream architecture for the scanning and the electronic capture of any kind of documents. This complete professional solution combines powerful production scanning software and a document processing solution to automatically structure, sort, index and convert all documents into fully searchable text files in one single process.


5. Archiving and DMS

Our Document Management Solution (DMS) integrates a user-friendly front end with a well defined file structure and easily accessible, high-capacity storage capability. Electronic and scanned documents are kept under strict version control, backed up and are accessible only to users with appropriate permissions within the system.

Electronic, Scanned Documents and Metadata: AIMS Document Management Solution is used to archive scanned paper documents and capture associated metadata and new documents in electronic document format and scanned format, if necessary. Documents can be searched and accessed by configurable search criteria.

Pinpoint File Retention and Retrieval: A careful, well-designed initial design of the file system allows users to direct documents to their correct locations through user-selected criteria. File retrieval can be managed through a secure system of permissions, with different user profiles and user groups enabled to work with documents depending on the permissions hierarchy set up in the system.

AIMS is your document management expert.

6. e-Learning Solution and Services

SIVECO Romania is the largest Software Development and Integration Company in Eastern Europe. AIMS has partnered up with SIVECO in delivering the following:

  • eLearning (the AeL suite: LMS, LCMS, eContent, collaboration, examinations management, school management, education management, decision support)
  • e-Business, e-Government (SIVECO Applications, iTax)
  • Business Intelligence (SIVECO Business Analyzer, Balanced ScoreCard)
  • Document and workflow management (SIVADOC)
  • Credit Bureau (SIVABON)
  • e-Health solutions, e-Agriculture solutions, e-Customs solutions