1. Senior System Administrator Consultant (Required: 2)


1- Job Title:

Senior System Administrator

2- Job Description:

The System Administrator will assist in coordinating the work of severalsystem administrators in maintaining the integrity and security of serversand systems which support the various units of the organization. Thistask includes access information systems within the security guidelinesof the enterprise; the servers and application are operational; and to keepthe information Technology staff motivated to provide quality serviceand support. The System Administrator manages maintenance of theorganizational servers and educates all professional staff and operatingpersonal in the use of windows platform, both as a server and clientserver operating environment. The System Administrator is responsiblefor the coordination of communication and support between the usercommunity and the technical and operational functions of IT inrelationship with all Windows functions. The System Administrator is akey technical resources for other Senior Staff, providing advice, trainingand technical support for all various projects. In addition, the SystemAdministrator works closely with professional technical IT staff inevaluation current systems and making decisions on future development.

3- Tasks & Responsibilities:

· Assists in directing the activities of the other System Administrators to include timely and effective reporting, tracking, follow-up, and communication of problems with the user community.

· Understands the critical processing cycles in detail.

· Oversee the activities of the server management and support groups, including scheduling and prioritizing server activities.

· Works with limited supervision to support all servers providing connection services for the entire enterprise.

· Assists in directing the management of DNS, SMTP, DHCP, domain controllers, active directory applications, printing, mail, web servers; SharePoint servers, and FTP services for the enterprise.

· Assists in directing the management of the installation, management, and administration of mission-critical databases, which contain confidential enterprise information, IP address allocation tables, Ethernet card addresses and other relevant data.

· Ensures secure operation of all servers and services through the use of security and encryption tools such as SSH, SSL, PGP, PKI, IPSec and through extensive staff training and documentation.

· Reviews system logs and activity on all servers on an as need basis.

· Assists in directing the management of replacement of defective hardware on clients and servers as necessary.

· Assists in directing the management of the installation, and maintenance of updates to project and task tracking tools.

· Meets regularly with executive and user management to assess ongoing projects, system maintenance and development, prioritizes work and plan future development.

· Manages server access and account maintenance including adds, changes and removals.

· Maintains integrity of server accounts and data on the enterprise`s file server. Performs recovery when required.

· Manages server security features to protect confidential information while allowing appropriate access.

· Researches, installs, and tests software updates and patches to supported applications and various operating systems.

· Researches new technologies and present recommendations on major hardware and software purchases for the enterprise.

· Updates software and hardware inventory and documents all changes as well coordinates with the Disaster Recovery team on the impacts of these changes.

· Provides training and opportunities for learning operating systems to all employees and consultants.

· Develops, supports, and maintain Windows file and print servers for all users.

· Provide scripting and programming support to all major projects.

· Develops and maintains service level agreements with the various departments in the organization.

· Works closely with related departments to define metrics which are used to measure and communicate the efficiently and effectiveness of the server operating environment(s).

· Interact with the system administrators group and Coordinate their activities with other units in the organization.

· Administer the activities of the Systems administrators, including scheduling and prioritizing Technical activities

· Understanding of the administration of SQL database servers, and secure web servers with mod SSL; working knowledge of scripting; knowledge of standard backup infrastructures; server system and program installation, compilation and configuration; system-level security procedures, familiarity with cryptography tools; experience maintaining servers for standard Internet services such as DNS, SMTP, DHCP, mail, web, printing and FTP service.

· Capable to learn new technologies very quickly and resolve any problems involved in integrating new technologies with organizational systems

· Proven Experience in a enterprise level LAN/WAN Environment; multiple domain architecture; NTFS / Group Permissions / Network Security, TCP/IP / DHCP / WINS /DNS

· Proven experience with fault tolerance and disaster recovery design and documentation; in 2nd/3rd tier support; thin client architecture, clients, configuration, and installations

4- Academic Requirements:

· Bachelor`s degree (or higher) in computer science or computer engineering or equivalent degree.

5- Technical skills, Capabilities and Experience:

· Minimum experience of 15 years in areas related to Server Systems Administration and IT operations with minimum of 7 years proven experience supervisory experience in windows environment.

· Proven Experience in managing computer operation rooms and data centers resources: Electricity systems management, Air-conditioning systems, Air purifiers, fire-alarm systems, Access control and raised floor.

· Working experience in Windows Server platforms (2003, 2008.)

· Proven experience in Unix and Mainframe operation environments.

· Proven experience in creating servers and mainframe operational manuals, logs and other technical documentation.

· Proven Experience in managing system administrators and shifts planning.

6- Required Certification and Training:

· MCSE or MCSA on Windows Server 2003

· MCITP on Windows Server 2008 (preferable)

· Training in CCNA

7- Personal & Administrative Skills:

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work effectively across multiple business lines, external technology partners and fellow team members.

· Proven ability to complete tasks and accomplish goals without direct supervision.

· Excellent analytical and design skills at multiple product level.

· Excellent research, analysis, project planning and implementation skills.

· Aware of business issues as they impact overall project plans.