2. Computer Operation Supervisor (Required: 3)


1- Job Title:

Computer Operation Supervisor

2- Job Description:

· Supervise and control main computer room, operating systems and manage Operation staff and give expertise advice.

· Need Good knowledge of IBM operating Systems and maintenance

· Work and solve hardware and software problems.

· Good knowledge of JCL to work with Jobs.

3- Tasks & Responsibilities:

· Supervise and control scheduled and unscheduled jobs

· If the sub ordinates need assistance, should be available at any time of the Day.

· Interact with users and do provide the best service.

· Attend routine meetings to solve the daily, weekly and monthly problems which occur during the operation.

· Maintain a healthy and warm relations ship with subordinates.

4- Academic Requirements:

· Master or bachelor degree in Computer science or equivalent degree

5- Technical skills, Capabilities and Experience:

· Minimum 20 years` experience in the supervisory level and above in the computer related field (mainly on IBM environments S/W and H/W).

6- Required Certification and Training:

· Must bring all degree and diploma certificates the time of interview.

· Training Course attended such as networking, etc…..

7- Personnel & Administrative Skills:

· Describe any additional skill not related to IT field such as :

Good Communication skills, Good English/Arabic skills, Team management and Good technical writing.